Hello everyone, we're very happy to announce our newest product release "UNIFY IPTV". This app is packed with channels from USA, CA, UK and various other countries. Did we mention that the price is phenomenal??? That's right, our packages start off at only $15.00 for 1 connection and we offer up to 5 connections for this new service!!

This new service also has all the major sport networks including NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. It also comes with PPV and all of your premium movie channels for Live TV and a very reliable EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) so you'll always know what's coming on. As a bonus to all UNIFY customers, we're trowing in a Totally FREE Movie app called "USTREAMS", this app is great for all your latest movies and TV Shows (Just download, install "USTREAMS" and use your same UNIFY login credentials after purchase).

If your interested in this new product release, your may purchase here:

Thanks again for being the BEST PART OF IMARKETZONE!!!

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